segunda-feira, 2 de março de 2015

Que as citações nos caiam em cima [60]

"This golden droid has been a friend, 'tis true,
 And yet I wish to sill his pranting tongue!
 An imp, he calleth me? I'll be reveng'd,
 And merry pranks aplenty I shall play
 Upon this pompous droid C-3PO!
 Yet not in language shall my pranks be done:
 Around both humans and the droids I must
 Be seen to make such errant beeps and squeaks
 That they shall think me simple. Truly, though,
 Although with sounds oblique I speak to them,
 I clearly see how I shall play my part,
 And how a vast rebellion shall succeed
 By wit and wisdom of a simple droid."

R2-D2 em Verily, a New Hope
Ian Doescher

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